■ Guiding ideas

Talents work should focus on the company’s development strategy, improve the management concept, promote the innovation of management and control models, and adjust the human resources structure, standardize and optimize the internal distribution methods of enterprises, train qualified personnel to meet the company’s development requirements, and improve the level of human resources management in order to implement them. The outline of the company's development plan provides solid human resources protection. Effectively promote the introduction, cultivation, and use of high-end talents and key talents, deepen the human resources management and control of the company's systems, increase the integration of human resources in all business segments of the company's systems, and standardize the recruitment of personnel for new projects in each sector, and focus on building corporate human resources. Share the mechanism, optimize the structure, strengthen risk prevention, control the scale of employment, and achieve a basic match between the total number of talents, structure, and company strategy.


■ Human Resources Strategic Objectives and Tasks:

The company’s human resources management should focus on the company's strategic adjustment and business development needs, focusing on the company's personnel training, introduction, selection, use planning, build all kinds of professional career growth channels, and promote all types of outstanding talents continue to come to the fore. By optimizing the structure of talents, reasonably controlling the size of personnel, and laying a foundation for human resources for the realization of strategic objectives; based on the company's development strategy and management practices, it will revise and perfect the company's performance and remuneration management system in accordance with the principle of “prioritizing work performance and other factors” and establish and improve the company. Incentive and restraint mechanisms. Through the implementation of effective human resource development and management, by 2013 the company’s full-time labor productivity has reached the advanced level in the domestic industry, and employee satisfaction and overall quality have continued to increase with the development of the company.


■ Human Resource Management Policy

Understand people's needs, respect people's values, develop people's potential, encourage people's creativity, and promote the common development of employees and the company.


■ Measure talent standards:

Re-qualification is more important, heavier diplomas are heavier, and he is more rewarding.


■ Use of people:

Appropriate to the post; "give you a stage without ceilings"; provide opportunities for everyone, everyone has a considerable stage, everyone has the opportunity to grow; "identify horses in horse racing"


■ Huiyun people should have comprehensive qualities:

To people: equality, trust, affection, appreciation; right: serious, strict, active, efficient