Enterprise vision: 

5 to 10 years to become China titanium dioxide with production base, technology innovation base, demonstration base of circular economy, has become the appeal, the world has comprehensive influence on titanium dioxide production.


Enterprise mission:

To the society : the development of recycling economy, and create economic benefit, ecological benefit and social benefit three harvest.


On the industry: 

in order to promote the overall development of titanium white industry and progress as its mission, the development of Chinese titanium white industry.


To shareholders: to forward-looking vision, and efficient management, the steady development of maximizing shareholder value.


To the customer: 

committed to first-class technology, provide customers with high quality titanium dioxide products and services.


For employees: 

people-oriented, try our best to realize the employees' individual occupation development and value promotion.


Core values: 

scientific development, refine on, diligence and pragmatism, innovation